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Carpet Cleaning And Beyond

Do you want your carpets as beautiful as the day they were installed? Have your allergies or the allergies of a family member been acting up recently? Are you struggling to find time to clean your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help.

Our Cleaning Services

We all dream of a beautiful, clean, and allergen-free home. The problem is that when we wake up and see what kind of work a real deep clean will require, the dream remains just a dream. In the real world, however, the reality is that dirt, dust, and animal dander can build up deep in your carpets and fabrics. Ultimately, you can suffer from allergies and other related discomforts as bacteria grows and spreads into your breathing air.

This is where Tulip Cleaning Services comes to the rescue! We offer cleaning services for your house that will eliminate your allergies and get deep into your fabrics so that they not only look brand spankin' new, they will also feel that way too! Here's a quick look at just some of the services we provide:

  • Carpet cleaning for the entire home
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Cleaning upholstered furniture
  • Stain removal
  • Grout cleaning
  • Deep cleaning tile and wood floors

Do not worry about your pets, children or your guests. Our cleaning services will remove the dust, dirt, bacteria, and animal dander that is hidden in your fabrics using the greenest and Eco-Friendliest supplies available.

Start With The Carpets

Carpet cleaning is a very constructive first step to ridding your home or office of necessary bacteria. Since a large majority of air, dust, and dander actually come from congested carpets, it is only reasonable to start from the bottom up. Our cleaning experts will likely use the hot water extraction method for carpets in need of a deep cleaning and we're telling you, this machine doesn't skip a thing.

Be confident in knowing your home is a bacteria free zone today! Get started with a free price estimate by calling Tulip Cleaning Services any day of the week!

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4 Rooms - Basic Steam Cleaning + Hallway, Only $149
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Our goal is to keep your home, office and our beautiful planet as clean and healthy as can be and free from the toxins of ordinary chemical cleaning products and practices
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